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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Firenze Red

    W3*** - Silicon Silver - A38 North - Exeter


    Just run back from Plymouth in the RRS - Saw a D5 in the distance (rear number plate made it an easy spot) - obviously "run-in" well I couldn't catch it in the RRS2 AB (or more like "wouldn't"). Whistle

    Tried all the way from Buckfastleigh to Exeter - just got a glimpse of the plate before it disappeared !

    I just hope they realise that Haldon Hill (northbound) now has "Specs" average speed camera's from the Diner down the hill to the Matford turn-off, (2 split zones) - if not they can expect 3 pts & £100 for breakfast shortly !! Whistle Whistle


    Somerset - Where the apples do grow and the cider do flow!
    17MY D5 HSE / 16MY RRS2 A/B / 05 Defender90 CSW
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