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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Corris Grey

    Corris Grey Disco 5 sold

    Just a short update to say that after running my 3.0 HSE for over a year now unladen plus fully laden with different twin axle trailers down through Europe I've decided to sell it.
    Always felt it was a little light when pushing on and slightly soft on the rear even with 22" alloys when fully laden towing. Not complaining really as it was better than all of the previous models.

    Anyway gone for the Audi SQ7 which even though I'm sure not as good for heavy off road use it will do the towing side with ease.
    The V8 Engine and suspension set up seems to tow my trailers with ease at speed and the torque is something . Seems good on fuel pulling max loaded so far.
    Now if I could get a Disco with this V8 Twin turbo diesel engine and bits I would say Ive found a keeper.
    Also got to admit Im finding it hard not to be going down to the local dealership every other week for niggles or issues. !!!!!!!
    This one so far just wants to go and just laps up the miles. Boring some might say!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway no doubt I will be back in either another Disco or Rangie soon but just needed some sanity for a while.
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