Discovery 2017

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  • Evans1089
    Member Since: 05 Jun 2019
    Location: Uk
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    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Corris Grey

    Newbie- HSE Luxury TD6!

    Hi guys, bought our 2018 model last week.
    So far, we love it! My wife drives it daily, after putting our top spec VW Tiguan up for sale.
    It doesn’t have the black plastics on it, so will be buying them separate.
    Quick picture:

    TD6, lower tax rate, what’s everyone’s thoughts compared to the SDV6?
    Looking forward to joining a new community. Personally own a C43 AMG, and a Tiger Kit Car.
  • mordred1973
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Fuji White

    now I am over the issues the dealer delivered my 2017 with last september, I have to say my only real niggle is the wallowy ride/handling. First car I have had the kids say they feel sick in, the previous car had a mega hard ride and they preferred that.

    As for the Td6, love the engine, quiet but makes a nice v6 sound between 3000-4200rpm, despite weight of the car overall fuel economy is pretty good too. Early oil change issue was resolved in January 19 with a DEF update too.

    2017 HSE Td6 with Capability plus pack, wade sensing, parking heater, armest fridge, head up display and surround cameras, 4 zone climate, black pack, privacy glass, adaptive headlamps, intelligent seat fold, deployable tow bar, side steps.
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