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  • SD1
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    Land Rover Approved Used Warranty

    Traded in my D4 for an Approved Used D5 HSE Lux yesterday.. Salesman mentioned that from September Land Rover will be reducing the Approved Used Warranty term from 2 years to one year.
  • TechnoTurkey
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    2017 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Lux Waitomo Grey

    That's surprising - it is one of the things that really makes it worthwhile buying used from a dealer.
    Member Since: 17 May 2019
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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Scotia Grey


    I suspect if true that the standard used warranty offer will be reduced to a "minimum of 1 year" to make it look as if we are gaining something during the purchase negotiation when they offer 2 years cover!

    Cynical hat off...
  • globalste
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    that's exactly what it now says. Not sure what advantage buying from a main dealer offers now if buying a car <24mths old.
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