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    2017 Discovery Si6 HSE Corris Grey

    Brake squeak 2

    Does anyone else have an annoying squeak when braking and then slowly releasing the brake? It happens first time I go to use the car for the day (any time of the day). I go through a series of junction and traffic light stops within a mile or so of home and EVERY time I brake to a stop, then relax the pedal there is a loud squeak from outside the vehicle. Haven’t worked out if it’s ref or front. Drivers alongside look at me in disbelief.

    It seem to sort itself out after a few more stops. So by the time it goes to the’s cured. I suppose I could get them to keep it in the garage overnight and do a new day start up....but seems a bit extreme.

    Interestingly I had the same noise on my previous D4...and was originally wondering if it’s something about where it’s parked at night. But it happens even when I am away from home for a few days.

    Think I will have to record it.
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