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  • Martin
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    Coronavirus Discussion/Advice/Assistance Thread

    Following on from DISCO3/4 I thought I would start up a Coronavirus discussion/help thread.

    On there we have separate threads and sections but for now let's see how we get on with a single place.

    This thread is for general discussion about news & developments but please keep politics out of the mix.

    I am currently happy for light-hearted posts, jokes etc to be put here to lighten the mood and raise a smile. As ever, nothing offensive Thumbs Up

    Also please offer advice/tips/best practice or ask questions about what to do if unsure. But take care to only share confirmed good advice, not hearsay, viral Facebook posts etc. Such posts will be removed as they are likely to cause more harm than good.

    Remember - for all medical concerns please consult the official GOV.UK pages:

    If you are in need of local assistance - either for yourself or for vulnerable relatives etc - then please ask.

    Please don't flood it with offers of assistance, as finding who is where and can do what will end up being a mammoth task.

    Post up details of what you need and where (ideally put the location in the subject), and I'm sure we as a community will do what we can to.

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  • Blackfly
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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Indus Silver

    For what it is worth, my local dealer has closed until mid April, good thing I got the battery problems sorted in the new year Very Happy

    F50, Fourtack, LR3 and now..............D5 HSE
  • DG
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    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Fuji White


    Dear Mr DG,

    Thank you for your email as responsible manufacture we will take in consideration the current pandemic in regards to servicing your vehicle.

    I can confirm we will accept claims with a grace period of 2 months / 2000 miles (3200 km) post service until we can return to normal working practices. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and our retailer network will be kept up to date.

  • Blackfly
    Member Since: 15 Jun 2017
    Location: Up North
    Posts: 434
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Indus Silver

    One thing that is slowly catching up on me is how little milage I am adding right now! about 6 km in t he last two weeks, will probably mean a battery issue somewhere down the line

    Keep smiling

    F50, Fourtack, LR3 and now..............D5 HSE
  • Russell
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    2017 Discovery Td6 First Edition Namib Orange

    Hi all
    Am after a favour.
    My wife works in a doctors surgery in Hythe Kent which is currently trying to stay open. However despite what the government are saying and what is in the press they cannot get masks.
    They are down to their last few and may have to shut or work without masks if they can’t get any.

    Does anyone have any contacts or know any suppliers who have some that they can buy please.
    If you do please let me know and I can supply the practice managers email address via PM

    Thanks in advance

    Namib Orange 1st Edition with black roof and wheels.
    Privacy, tow bar, drive pack, surround camera, heated front & rear seats, auto dim door mirrors, side steps, remote Pro, RSE, arm rest fridge dash cam front and rear.
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