Discovery 2017

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  • Johnson
    Member Since: 27 Dec 2017
    Location: Belgium
    Posts: 12

    12V Outlet

    Anyone knows if any of the 12V outlets in the car are actually active when the contact is switched off?
    The one in the boot is not.
    Would like to connect a fridge - with protection to not drain the battery - for travel.
    If non are - anyone has tips on how to install an extra one by-passing the car contact?

  • B50int
    Member Since: 02 Sep 2018
    Location: Yorkshire
    Posts: 63
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Santorini Black

    They all shut down when the car sleeps a few minutes after you lock the car or if you leave the car unlocked with the ignition off.

    In the boot it would be relatively easy to connect another outlet direct to the battery behind the right hand panel- however, make sure it’s appropriately fused (for the wire you use and the rating of the socket) and the fuse is as close to the battery as possible and not flapping around. Also bear in mind that If you connect a relatively high current device the battery will drain quite quickly. The discovery seems to want a full charge all the time. Like others here, I get regular low battery warnings just sitting in the car watching the kids play sport as it stops the car sleeping.

    Even a peltier element coolbox will probably draw 5-10a. If you have a compressor fridge, it could easily be two or three times that and your 100ah battery will be dead in 3 or 4 hours. I suspect that the car will refuse to start long before that...

  • Johnson
    Member Since: 27 Dec 2017
    Location: Belgium
    Posts: 12

    Thanks Jon
    Very insightful
  • teaman
    Member Since: 03 May 2019
    Location: Surrey
    Posts: 20
    United Kingdom 

    Agree with the advice given. After research, if you have / plan for an efficient fridge then consider solar or a portable battery
  • IndusD4
    Member Since: 28 Jan 2018
    Location: Sydney
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    2018 Discovery Td6 SE Silicon Silver

    You could look at a dual battery system with an isolator between the batteries to avoid draining the starter battery - see here


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  • harrythespider
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery TDV6 HSE Aintree Green

    IndusD4 +1 Thumbs Up

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