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  • leeloo
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    250 D order.

    It is a bit of story behind this order, so I I will try and make short.
    I ordered a Defender P300 back in first week ofAapril . It was exactly during the transition phase between MY2021 and MY2022 models .
    Iit was delivered in September and a very important thing got lost on the way, mainly the air suspension. Sad . To me that was a big no no for several reasons, for example it would not fit in the garage with coils, reduce ground clearance etc..)
    The idea behind this Defender was to replace a Toyota Hilux that I use for camping trips and a bit of off-roading ( I guess now this is called overlanding ) . So I don't look for the most extreme tracks, just to get to the beautiful remote spots, but I do travel alone and you never know, weather changes, track gets deteriorated, info is not updated, the so some off road chops might be required. ( I will be one of those who will off-road their LR.
    But, when I took delivery I honestly did not even bother to check the air suspension, I just picked up the kid from shcool, packed and went of for a camping trip over the week-end ( got it on a Friday) . Only next day I noticed.
    It was not a complete loss though, because I had the opportunity to test it for 3 days .
    I knew from the beginning that the trunk in the Defender is a joke , but only when I packed the thing I realized how bad it is.

    I have a small 40 l fridge, behind it there is 0 space to the seats, it is terrible..
    Now I know why you really need all the accessories, you have to hang almost everything outside
    On paper .. very big, but only on vertical, and it is useless to me. I need the back seats for the kid, at least 2/3 of it.
    The dealer took the car back with no fuss and he told me I either order the same thing ( corrected of course for the mistakes they did ) and a big discount for the grief they caused me.. or what ever else.
    So I took a closer look at the Disco.
    It it is lot lower in overall height but sports almost identical ground clearance, a big plus
    A bit worse attack and departure angle, but I had worse and I did fine, not an issue.
    Trunk similar in size with a Landcruiser Prado 120 I had while back, very useful, practical a lot of spaces to hide an aux battery and DC to DC system., another big plus.
    the D7X platform Defender has LR said is a lot more rigid and built stronger, and this is a big plus for the defender, but I am not very worried. You do feel the defender is a lot stiffer when driving. Suspension seems to be identical with beefy lower arms as they have the same towing capacity, and that is a function of suspension and brakes more than anything..
    So now I really regret that I fell to the defender hype ( it is a great looking car I have to admit, I like the looks more than the disco ) and never gave the disco a closer look..
    So i decided to get a D250 with all the off road goodies, and some extras for safety, the meridian sound system and a few more things.. about 7 k euro worth of options over the base spec.
    So Monday I am going over to sign the order, I was told if I order anything less than R dynamic S it might take a while, but I really don't care about "bling" parts.
    I pray it will arrive in time for the next summer holiday in July, but we will see about that..
  • Equilibrium
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Carpathian Grey

    I really like the Defender, but when I had one for the day one thing that struck me was how small it is compared with the Discovery. Headroom, boot space, passenger room - the Disco aces all of that in a comparison.

    The Defender is a style driven car, compromising its packaging. The Discovery is a packaging driven car, compromising its styling.

    I’m not an off-reader (wish I was) but i would have zero concerns on the Discovery’s capabilities from the videos I have watched. LR have no choice but to emphasis that the Defender is better but I feel it’s small margins.

    Drives: 2020 MY20 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Eiger Grey/Glacier
    Departed: 2019 MY20 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Carpathian Grey/Glacier, 440i, 320d, Toyotas, Mondeo, Citroen BX amongst others
  • leeloo
    Member Since: 07 Sep 2021
    Location: Berelandage
    Posts: 4

    I feel the same way. 10 cm forward the. back seat would still provide plenty of comfort and if the back wheel goes under and you extend it another 20 cm .. than you can have. something useful. ( very cool the spare hanging outside but not practical )
    Maybe the rumoured. 130. will solve that, but, until that day.. for me the disco wins..
  • leeloo
    Member Since: 07 Sep 2021
    Location: Berelandage
    Posts: 4

    So order done, a pretty basic one, fuji white, advanced off road pack, rear locking diff, blind spot monitoring, full size spare, the Meridian. audio system, roof rails. heated seats, and the aluminium trim .. I hate gold black..
    They told me because the fault with the Defender order was traced to LR and not the dealer, they reserved a build spot for me, and with some luck, I will get it in December/Jan .
    So fingers crossed now.. Smile
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