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  • fmb123
    Member Since: 26 Feb 2018
    Location: Hampshire
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    United Kingdom 

    BFG All Terrain v General Grabber AT3

    Has anyone run both GeneralGrabbers AT3 and BFG All Terrain? How do they compare? most interested in how they perform on road, ie noise and mpg.

    i have had my general grabbers on for the last 2yrs/60k miles, in 275/55r20, on my Disco 5 Commercial. they seem perfect for my need which is a lot of motorway driving with fair amount of proper off road.

    the only reason i am thinking of changing is the BFG seem to be tougher as i have had 3 punctures with the GG AT3.

    So is the ( i assume) slightly noisier tyre worth it for the extra toughness?

    would love to hear from someone that has run both.
  • Loz
    Member Since: 29 Mar 2023
    Location: Berkeley
    Posts: 49
    United Kingdom 

    I found the BFGs are the best but also the noisiest and they work harden over time. The recent ones are now slightly softer to meet the tyre regulations.
    I found the grabbers looked good but too soft on the carcus and got stone punctures too easily.

    My recent favourite though is the Pirelli scorpion All terrain plus.

    2023 Dynamic-R Metropolitan Edition D300MHEV
  • dc130.john
    Member Since: 22 Feb 2020
    Location: Somerset
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Farallon Black

    d both and currently running GG AT3 which have been excellent both on and off road👍
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