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    Just wanted to let off steam, and HOPE that no-one on here has had such bad service from DPD & Parcel Monkey

    I ordered a part from a member on here. Paid him, and he organised the shipping to me here in Luxembourg (Comment... the forum member has been EXCELLENT, and this is in NO WAY his fault!!)

    The item was shipped, and I was given a DPD tracking number.

    The parcel has not turned up!!

    Tracking says it is currently in "customs clearance", but one site says it is with DPD Netherlands, one site says it is "in transit".

    It has been like this for 3 weeks now.

    This morning I called DPD BELUX and they "cannot do anything because the parcel has not entered their network yet", and I should "call the sender".

    I then called DPD NL, and they said "it is with Customs in Luxembourg, so we cannot do anything". They then added,,, "You should call the sender".

    I then called Luxembourg Customs, and they were very helpful, but said that DPD BELUX don't do any customs imports, and they then checked if they had any record of it, and came up with nothing... the parcel is NOT with Luxembourg Customs!!

    So I called DPD NL again, and now they have changed their tune... they now say that the parcel hasn't left the UK, and that the tracking details are all just "digital scans" and not "physical scans"... "please call the sender" ,,, was all they could say.

    So... since DPD UK had told me that the parcel was shipped with Parcel Monkey, I contacted them....

    They wouldn't/couldn't help because I didn't know the Parcel Monkey tracking number for it!! The DPD tracking number was of no use to them!!

    The bottom line is.... Parcel Monkey don't seem to WANT to help, DPD seem to be clueless, and so I am now going to have to wait for the seller to get an answer (if he ever does) from DPD/Parcel Monkey

    All I can say... these shipping companies have the laziest staff I have ever come across... they could not give a damn about the goods of their customers!!

    I am only posting here so that more people get to know how bad these companies are, and take their business elsewhere.

    Again... I would like to thank the seller on this site for how responsive HE has been, and I cannot thank him enough for his assistance.
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