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  • gavsta
    Member Since: 25 Jan 2022
    Location: Hertfordshire
    Posts: 143

    Metropolitan Edition Spotted... What were they thinking?

    Over the weekend, I spotted a Metropolitan Edition at a local dealership. Not sure if it was a demo vehicle, or a customer's car, back in with an issue. The giveaway was the heads-up display recess, then I noticed the bumper inserts.

    The JLR copy refers to the Metropolitan Edition being complemented by Hakuba Silver lower bumper inserts.

    Since the refresh, R-Dynamic models have had body-coloured lower bumper inserts, clearly seen on this Namib Orange version:

    Whereas, the standard, non R-Dynamic versions, have had silver inserts:

    With that in mind, why, oh why, have JLR deemed it sensible to use silver inserts on their halo model?

    To my eyes, this is a retrograde step. Some owners of the pre-facelift Disco 5, wrapped those items gloss black, to match the surrounding trim. Unless the car body is Hakuba Silver, I can imagine some Metropolian owners doing the same.

    Could dealers supply those parts, as body colour after-market fitments, as per the R-Dynamic cars? I wonder the cost compared to wrapping?

    Those bumper inserts, combined with the silver grille and lettering, on a Santorini Black car, looked cheap to my eyes.
  • 747_JK
    Member Since: 26 Jun 2018
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    United Kingdom 
    2022 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Santorini Black

    Really good point. I've got one on order for the end of the year, perhaps, and I'd spotted the silver front panel and the colour of the DISCOVERY script, and they were the bits I disliked the most. In my mind, the whole car should be black! But I'd not noticed the rear panel is silver too..... not so keen, I have to say! You can just about get away with it in black, but in some other colours, it would look even worse. That Sytner example you posted is truly yuck!

    This is my build:

    MY23.5 D5 3.0 MHEV Metropolitan Edition – Santorini Black – Ebony Windsor Leather – 21” Style 5025 gloss black wheels – 21” full size spare tyre – Black roof rails – Black side mouldings - Williams Ceramic Coat. [Gone: D5 HSE @ 50,795miles: (now LH68 BYW)]
  • mordred1973
    Member Since: 08 Jan 2019
    Location: Northamptonshire
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Fuji White

    Possibly because the Metropolitan also is the only RDynamic version to get a silver grill and silver lettering too?

    I am lucky, my Metropolitan is Hakuba Silver....

    2023 D300 Metropolitan, Hakuba Silver, Low Range, Solar screen, Deployable towbar, FBH, sidesteps.
  • gavsta
    Member Since: 25 Jan 2022
    Location: Hertfordshire
    Posts: 143

    Very sensible.

    My supplying dealer painted those elements body coloured and replaced the lettering with the black variety, at a very reasonable cost. The car looks much better as a result.

    Similar to using black wheel nuts on black wheels - helps to make the car look more cohesive.
  • BigCol66
    Member Since: 06 Jul 2020
    Location: Mid Wales
    Posts: 289
    United Kingdom 

    I have a metro on order for delivery the end of the month. The dealer has agreed to paint the front and rear valence in the body colour Verisine blue. I don't think the silver looks right.

    Discovery 5 D300 Metropolitan.
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