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  • 4x4newbie
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    How to transport mountain bike with no tow bar and boot full

    How on earth do I get a 29 er medium mountain bike in the Discovery 5 when the boot is taken up by a dog! No tow bar to use also.
  • JonM
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    2022 Discovery SDV6 HSE Carpathian Grey


    1. Dismantle it and put it on the back seat.
    2. Put a bike carrier on the roof
    3. Put the dog on the back seat and put the bike in the boot.
    4. Get a very fit person to ride the bike instead of riding in the car.
    5. Box up the bike and get a courier to take it for you.

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  • DieselRanger
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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Silicon Silver

    Duct/gaffer tape to bonnet, boot lid, or roof.
  • Wolfpack
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    2017 Discovery Si6 HSE Corris Grey

    I would imagine there are only three realistic alternatives apart from leaving the bike or dog at homeā€¦ a tow bar & bike carrier or fit roof rails & bike carrier or get a dog cage and lower the 2nd row seats to hopefully fit in everything.

    My wife now needs a mobility scooter if we wish to carry on going for extended walks and visit remote facilities. I therefore have some sympathy with having to fit even the broken down components of transportation devices in the back of a D5. They take up loads of uneconomic space, necessitating using the 2nd row seats as overflow.

    Although it may not be of any help to the op, I have found sliding the 2nd row seat forward to the half way lock position provides a bit more back space.
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