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  • DiscoJack
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    2017 Discovery Sd4 (180) SE Indus Silver

    Smelly AC / Plenum location / AC mildew mold

    Hi Disco Community,

    I recently bought a 2017 Disco 5, it is my first LR I naturally love the vehicle's impressive looks and ride. I noticed that when my AC is on a horrific smell is coming out (similiar to urine) from research I have seen that many others have had this issue and it's down to mildew/mold in the AC system.

    I want to know how best to tackle this, I tried one of these spray bottles (AC freshener) but that didn't work, I have seen videos on YouTube (non-LR related) where they spray disinfectant or a purpose AC mold cleanser into the 'Plenum' under the hood. As a beginner in car maintenance where would I locate this in the Disco?

    Any tips and tricks are very welcome. Apart from the horrid smell I am now a huge LR convert.
  • ThatMartinChap
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    United Kingdom 

    I've not had this on any of my Discos but did have it on a BMW once, I sympthise with you as it can be horrible to be greeted with that each time you start your car Shocked

    For me, the mould killing spray did work by spraying though the interior vents (closing all other vents first). From what I recall I used a couple of of cans worth with long flexitube pushed as far into vent as I could get it. and all was good. But I understand it depends on the pipework and compressor location etc so it might need a different approach on the D5.

    Good luck Thumbs Up

    D5 D300 R-Dynamic HSE MY21
  • Loz
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    United Kingdom 

    Remove any rotting vegetation from the plenum chamber under the windscreen.
    Remove the pollen(cabin) filter.
    Use a disinfecting "Bomb" placed on the passenger mat with aircon on full recirculation.
    Leave it until all is dispersed.
    Fit new pollen filter.

    In extreme cases you might need to clean the condenser from the holder of the cabin filter.

    2023 Dynamic-R Metropolitan Edition D300MHEV
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