Discovery 2017

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  • harrythespider
    Member Since: 19 Jul 2018
    Location: cumbria
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery TDV6 HSE Aintree Green

    2nd year service

    Just had 2nd year service done by Lakeland Landrover Torver. great service and price, did some other non warranty bits FOC. Cant recommend them enough. Seem to be up to speed on all the issues aired on this forum and more. I sent oil sample to millers immediately before service, Nearly 10K miles since last oil change and oil dilution at less than 4%. therefore conclude that there are no issues in that respect.. Looking forward to next 12 mths of trouble free Whistle

    3.0 HSE. Luxury climate HUD active diff. elec towbar. FBH and timed climate.Capability plus pack.split TV. surround sound. Intelligent seating. adaptive lights, wade sensing. 360 pack.cooler.advanced tow, activity key+ more!!!!
  • Blackfly
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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Indus Silver

    Mine is coming in a week or so, also trouble free!

    F50, Fourtack, LR3 and now..............D5 HSE
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