Discovery 2017

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  • chumble spuz
    Member Since: 26 Jun 2019
    Location: South West
    Posts: 12
    United Kingdom 

    Took the plunge

    Good Afternoon.

    Just joined this forum after lurking for awhile. Also a member since 06 and still driving the D3 HSE I've had from new (06 plate with 200,000 relatively uneventful miles on the clock) I've finally hopped off the fence and ordered a D5.

    Having had a Disco since 98 and a D3 since 06 it's taken me some time to come around to the D5 looks but....

    D5 (20MY) ordered,

    Lux, Eigar with a few options;
    privacy glass,
    activity band,
    driver assist pack
    roof rails

    Managed to get in at just under £65,000.

    Told it's a late Sep delivery but I'll not hold my breath!!

    Eiger Grey
  • 747_JK
    Member Since: 26 Jun 2018
    Location: Surrey
    Posts: 139
    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Santorini Black

    Sounds very nice - you'll be happy with your choice!

    D5 HSE SD6 - Santorini Black - 20" Style 5011 - Fixed panoramic roof - Rear privacy glass - Ebony Windsor leather - Dark satin brushed aluminium trim finisher - Ebony headlining - Heated steering wheel - Premium carpet mats - Surround camera system - Black Exterior Pack - Driver Assist Pack - Black Side Mouldings - Williams Ceramic Coat.
  • Equilibrium
    Member Since: 26 Feb 2019
    Location: Bristol
    Posts: 461
    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Carpathian Grey

    Sounds great, now the long wait for build!

    Will be one of the first Eiger Grey cars on here I would imagine.

    Drives: 2020 MY20 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Eiger Grey/Glacier
    Departed: 2019 MY20 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Carpathian Grey/Glacier, 440i, 320d, Toyotas, Mondeo, Citroen BX amongst others
  • Chalkey
    Member Since: 23 Oct 2017
    Location: St Helens
    Posts: 177
    2017 Discovery Sd4 (240) SE Indus Silver

    Sounds fabulous, what colour is it and you’ve got put photos on 👍

    2.0 SE Indus silver, black pack, 21in black alloys, black roof rails, acorn leather, privacy, tow bar, drive pack, rear camera, heated front & rear seats, auto dim door mirrors, mud flaps, door body moulding, side steps, life shine, dash cam front & rear and RLD spare wheel proctor.
  • chumble spuz
    Member Since: 26 Jun 2019
    Location: South West
    Posts: 12
    United Kingdom 

    Phot's from the configurator.

    Went for Eiger grey but with black 20" wheels.

    Not sure if I've made the right choice with the black wheels but I've got until the 19th to change my mind.

    Eiger Grey
  • Dangerdave
    Member Since: 15 Feb 2017
    Location: UK
    Posts: 600
    United Kingdom 

    Yes, but black wheel nuts too.
  • chumble spuz
    Member Since: 26 Jun 2019
    Location: South West
    Posts: 12
    United Kingdom 

    I've been doing some research on the cost for black wheel nuts but I'm going to wait to see if the factory fitted ones offend me enough before making any changes.

    Eiger Grey
  • mordred1973
    Member Since: 08 Jan 2019
    Location: Northamptonshire
    Posts: 622
    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Fuji White

    I thought the silver wheel bolts might offend, but I think they look fine on mine. worst thing is keeping the black wheels clean, since they look a million times better shiny black.

    2017 HSE Td6 with Capability plus pack, wade sensing, parking heater, armest fridge, head up display and surround cameras, 4 zone climate, black pack, privacy glass, adaptive headlamps, intelligent seat fold, deployable tow bar, side steps.
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