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  • Would you like to see caravan/trailer navigation option included?15 Votes
    Yes 53%/8
    No 46%/7
  • pdes
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    2019 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Santorini Black

    Deficiency in navigation

    For a car designed to be the "ultimate" tow car, the navigation is woefully in adequate. At the very least, an option to navigate a route whilst taking account of the restrictions surrounding a towing vehicle is, in my view, a no-brainer. There are apps that can be added to phones but why should we have to use an extra bit of kit stuck to our windscreens when we have forked out for such a technically loaded car. What's worst, the Here mapping software used in our vehicles is the same as the mapping used in the Co-pilot app which has comprehensive caravan routing.

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  • Craigp
    Member Since: 09 Nov 2016
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    I have the SE trip level so my sat nav is more akin to the disco sport and must say its terrible no option for A roads just fastest or shortest. I have found myself on housing estate roads farm tracks you name it all whilst towing a 2 metre wide by 8 metre caravan. Its not fun.
  • jimbg
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    United Kingdom 

    The Copilot maps are based on the Here maps as many are these days.
    However their added value are things such as Caravan routing, it is not part of the standard Here offering.
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