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    Namib Orange in Namibia

    I'm working in Walvis Bay, Namibia for a few days and spotted driving down the main drag a Namib Orange D5 HSE closely followed by a Fuji White SE both kitted out with roof tents, jerry can racks a spare wheel each on the roof and all sorts of offroad protection. Both on Namibian plates not South African (there are a lot of SUV's with SA plates here). Was a bit surprised as on previous visits here I have only seen a few ancient Defenders which I assumed were South African assembled cars but today Walvis Bay is Land Rover City, loads of D3's all in "city" mode (no off-road kit at all - maybe the owners prefer Land Cruisers for that!), surprising number of Discovery Sports and even a V8 Defender 110 that looked like it could have been a V8 engined Puma with no under windscreen vents, hump on the bonnet and black contrast roof. If I see the D5's again I'll try to get a photograph. It appears that the makers of offroad protection kit out in this part of the world have started making aftermarket adventure kit for the D5.
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