Discovery 2017

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  • StinTov
    Member Since: 22 Aug 2018
    Location: Warwickshire
    Posts: 50
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Silicon Silver

    My Land Rover Website

    Anyone played with this site, it's a beta so must be new.

    HSE Lux, MY18, Silicon silver 3.0d
  • Dangerdave
    Member Since: 15 Feb 2017
    Location: Highlands, Scotland
    Posts: 550
    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) SE Santorini Black

    Yes and it’s a complete waste of time tbh.
  • jimbg
    Member Since: 23 Jun 2016
    Location: Devon
    Posts: 1194
    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Silicon Silver

    Looks like they are trying to provide a single website for service history, recalls,etc.
  • JackNorris
    Member Since: 07 Jun 2016
    Location: Beds/Bucks
    Posts: 88
    United Kingdom 

    Doesn't even load for me,

    Setting up your dashboard, please wait...
    Sorry, this may take a while. If the issue persists, call our Customer Support Team on 03500 686 8475

    MY2019 Discovery 5 SE 3.0 - Arrived | MY2016 Discovery 4 Graphite - SOLD | MY2015 Discovery 4 SE Tech - SOLD
  • Flat Earther
    Member Since: 15 Dec 2016
    Location: England
    Posts: 62
    United Kingdom 

    Same here!

    It is funny that LR site should succumb to inadequately developed software too! Maybe (like their infotainment system) it’ll start working (ish) by the time it gets to around version 18D... Laughing
  • Flat Earther
    Member Since: 15 Dec 2016
    Location: England
    Posts: 62
    United Kingdom 

    How much is it to contact an 0350 number, I wonder?
  • Equilibrium
    Member Since: 26 Feb 2019
    Location: Bristol
    Posts: 252
    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Carpathian Grey

    To be fair, they clearly state it’s beta.

    Got mine set up yesterday and seems like it will be a useful, if limited, site. I’d imagine they will incrementally roll out new functionality if they get a decent user base on it.

    Drives MY2020 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Carpathian Grey/Glacier
  • al cope
    Member Since: 02 Jan 2019
    Location: Oldbury
    Posts: 169
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Corris Grey

    worked OK for me Thumbs Up

    what its also showed is my local dealer, Stratstone Stourbridge has closed down.


    whey hey - D5 HSE 2Ltr in Corris with black roof, black & dynamic packs & 22" black alloys, a bit of a change after 2 D3's and 2 D4's Smile
  • BSE Disco
    Member Since: 12 Mar 2019
    Location: Suffolk
    Posts: 8
    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 SE Loire Blue

    It didn't work for me but then they do say it's a beta. I didn't bother calling the number but 0370 is not a premium rate line so at least they are not making money out of it.
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