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  • discus
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    LR Approved Questions

    Trying to get my head around what is definitely included when purchasing a Land Rover Approved vehicle from a dealer.

    Is it normal for Road Tax to be in addition to the price shown on the Land rover website when you search approved? Was a bit surprised when inquiring about a vehicle that there would be an extra £465 road tax. Is that standard practice, or that dealer trying to make his cars look a bit cheaper than the opposition?

    Also what is the situation for servicing? Could the vehicle need a service within a month or two of buying it for example, or is there a minimum period guaranteed, or a service done at sale time.

    I am aware the warranty has dropped from 24 months to 12, which is a bit of a negative too!
  • Dangerdave
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    All you say is perfectly normal.

    The road tax on used vehicles is the responsibility of the purchaser these days. With new, it’s part of the overall cost of supplying the vehicle for the first registration fee and first years road tax.

    As for servicing, it’s wither due or not due, the period of time is irrespective, although you might be able to negotiate that one away when buying.

    The warranty is one of those things you either accept what’s given, negotiate for longer or walk away.
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