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  • Hc76
    Member Since: 06 Apr 2019
    Location: Herefordshire
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Corris Grey

    Controlling radio while using CarPlay

    My vehicle got an OTA software update and has now got Apple CarPlay.

    CarPlay is working and is quite good for Google Maps, Spotify etc although it isn't perfect, especially as it doesn't link to the dash screen.

    But I cannot work out how you change radio stations or go to the other vehicle controls on the main screen while CarPlay is connected. Am I missing something obvious?
  • IndusD4
    Member Since: 28 Jan 2018
    Location: Sydney
    Posts: 619
    2018 Discovery Td6 SE Silicon Silver

    Yes, on the Apple CarPlay 'tile' display there's a 'Land Rover' tile. Click on that.


    2018 D5 TD6 SE Silicon Silver e-Diff
    IIDTool BT
  • hocks172
    Member Since: 24 Aug 2017
    Location: Brighton
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    2017 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Lux Firenze Red

    as indus says that takes you back to the normal home screen

    D5 2.0 HSE LUX,
    Previous LR: D3 HSE, RRS HST, Evoque Dynamic Lux.
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