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  • stingray
    Member Since: 09 Apr 2017
    Location: North Wales
    Posts: 27
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Silicon Silver

    Retro fitting surround cameras

    Hi guys.

    My D5 HSE was pre-built, nearly the spec I was looking for, and available at a price I couldn't turn down, but it doesn't have surround cameras, which I would definitely have chosen if I had the choice.

    Does anyone know if it is possible/feasible/cost effective to retro fit them? Being an HSE, I already have the reversing camera and having looked under the door mirrors, it appears to have them there as well. Not sure where the fronts would be mounted. I wonder if the wiring is also in place and they could be configured by a dealer.

    Perhaps not possible to do it, and too much upheaval to justify, but any help at all would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.
  • rogersmj
    Member Since: 30 Aug 2017
    Location: Hampshire
    Posts: 213
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Corris Grey

    I've had a look at where my cameras are for the surround images previously. Theres one in the middle of the front bumper, plus one integrated into each of the front fog light casing (not sure if these are also for the surround images, however they are used for the camera view when you are pulling out of a road).

    Also the camera underneath each wing mirror and obviously the rear camera. Don't think theres anymore?

    Could be quite an expensive retrofit IMHO, plus you would need to update the software too, so could be interesting / a challenge.

    MY18 Corris Grey HSE Lux TDV6
  • stingray
    Member Since: 09 Apr 2017
    Location: North Wales
    Posts: 27
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Silicon Silver

    Hi Roger, Many thanks for taking the trouble to look. I have just checked mine and there is nothing at the front of the car where you describe, or even obvious locations for them, so not looking too hopeful overall.

    Not given up yet though!

    Thanks again, much appreciated.
  • grabar
    Member Since: 02 Nov 2019
    Location: derbyshire
    Posts: 4
    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Firenze Red

    did you have any luck retro fitting surround cameras, as this is something I would be interested in
  • karmax
    Member Since: 13 Dec 2018
    Location: Kiev
    Posts: 6
    2017 Discovery Si6 HSE Kaikoura Stone

    It is quite possible but:
    1. It would cost a fortune - you need to replace both mirrors (you can not buy a mirror camera separately and drill a hole in the mirror casing), you have to buy a new BCM, front camera and make some surgery in the programming modules. Not sure about the wiring (it can either be in place or not, as the active cruise control radar - when I retrofitted mine the wire was there)
    2. Your warranty from jlr will definitely void.
  • Cradgebank
    Member Since: 11 May 2019
    Location: Nottingham
    Posts: 21
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) S Corris Grey

    I have been trying to add a reverse Camera for several months, I bought a interface unit from which has added a Camera Icon to my screen but I can't get the camera feed to work.

    I have tried several camera's including a genuine JLR HY32, I have had send me several software updates for their interface and I also have access to Pathfinder and still can't get it to work.

    The problem seems to be that JLR have the CCF locked on all post 2017 models and we are very limited to what modifications we can add to the original build spec of the vehicle.
  • karmax
    Member Since: 13 Dec 2018
    Location: Kiev
    Posts: 6
    2017 Discovery Si6 HSE Kaikoura Stone

    Speaking about enriching the basic build of the D5 with genuine perks one needs to do two things: install the hardware and make some editions to the software (literally switch the hardware on) - usually - the editing of the conf. file of the car.
    JLR changed the way such updates can be made in the cars of Slovenia make, Solihull 2018 cars are the same as it were in 2017.
  • Road Runner 2017
    Member Since: 14 Jan 2017
    Location: Scotland
    Posts: 1765
    2018 Discovery Si6 HSE Lux Santorini Black

    Cradgebank, for just a reverse or forward camera, the cheapest and quickest way is the following. Far easier than messing about, trying to get it working via the infotainment system, which is a neater and more ideal option though.

    There are several variations, ie boot mounted camera, bumper mounted, numberplate mounted, wired, wireless etc. Will cost around the £30 mark.

    I have fitted both front and rear cameras in my last 2 cars, the ones which drill directly into the bumper with no issues whatsoever and excellent picture quality. I was lucky in the fact that the head unit had aux connections for both front and rear cameras, and hence did not require a seperate screen. Reverse camera was auto switching, as I ran an extra cable to the reverse bulbs positive terminal. Front camera also came on automatically, when 1st gear was engaged. It automatically switched off after going over 20 mph and automatically came back on when you dropped below 20mph.

    I am in the process of using an external camera connected to the trailer and running it through the HDMI cable in the centre console, but not had a chance to check this out yet, too see if the image is displayed on the infotaintment system, whilst vehicle is in motion.

    So it maybe possible to view an image on the infotainment system, via the HDMI, instead of using the additional rear view mirror or small TV screen, but the image may only be able to be seen by the passenger if you have dual view, if that's the case, and not the driver.

    I purchased an HDMI to 3 phono adaptor, along with the wireless system, so no wires are required from the camera to the head unit.

    The images on the small screen and rear view mirror are impressive, that I can confirm, on the temporary setup I had a few months back.

    However wired systems are better and less likely to suffer from a break up on the picture quality, but for my purpose it's more than adequate.

    MY17 First Edition - 3L Diesel Td6 - Farallon Black - Roof rails,side steps,tints,tow bar,mudflaps,door strips.
    MY18 Hse Luxury - 3L Petrol Si6 Supercharged - Santorini Black - Roof rails,side steps,tints,tow bar,mudflaps,door strips,22's,tv,dynamic pack 1,bonnet vents,dual view,frontcooler,360°camera,rear cooler/warmer,roof vane,black LR badges,wade sensing,door sill plates,solar screen,wind deflectors,service plan,tracker,speed camera detector,dual dash cameras,ceramic coating.
  • PRH
    Member Since: 15 Feb 2018
    Location: South
    Posts: 11
    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery Sd4 (180) HSE Lux Indus Silver

    Hi, Has anyone got any further on retrofitting a surround camera system?

    I am drawing a blank so far. Sophie from Duckworth has indicated it is a factory fit only.... ☹️
  • Russell
    Member Since: 26 Jun 2016
    Location: Lydd
    Posts: 825
    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 First Edition Namib Orange

    It was the same with the D4, the work involved and cost was so expensive making it not worth it

    Namib Orange 1st Edition with black roof and wheels.
    Privacy, tow bar, drive pack, surround camera, heated front & rear seats, auto dim door mirrors, side steps, remote Pro, RSE, arm rest fridge dash cam front and rear.
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