Discovery 2017

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  • Numb Thumbs
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    2019 Discovery SDV6 SE Fuji White

    Newbie from Australia


    I will be picking up my SE 5 seater Discovery 5 in a week or so. It has the Drive Pack, Capability Plus Pack and the Advanced Tow Assist plus a few other options like 360 degree cameras, heated seats, keyless entry and start and 20" wheels. It is interesting how the different equipment levels vary from country to country. We don't even have the commercial version here.

    Previously I have had a Terracan and two Grand Cherokees. I have wanted a Disco since the 3 was announced in 2004. I drove a 3 for two weeks in Namibia in 2011 and totally fell in love.

    It will be used around town and also as an Outback tourer so I will be busy kitting it out over the next few months. Auxiliary battery and tyre compressor are ready to go.

    I hope to learn a lot here and hopefully contribute.

    Numb Thumbs Wink
  • Gruber
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    Hi discofans.
    D5 is my 4th disco. I had D2, D3 and the last one was D4. Im not sure that D5 is the best choice. Its so much diffrent than D4... Ive got Si6 version and I think the engine and ZF gearbox are the best parts of the new disco.
    So... Best regards from Poland.
  • DarkyUK
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Indus Silver

    Sorry, wrong post!

    Sorry, Wrong post
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