Discovery 2017

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  • Numb Thumbs
    Member Since: 05 Nov 2019
    Location: Melbourne
    Posts: 17
    2019 Discovery SDV6 SE Fuji White

    Newbie from Australia


    I will be picking up my SE 5 seater Discovery 5 in a week or so. It has the Drive Pack, Capability Plus Pack and the Advanced Tow Assist plus a few other options like 360 degree cameras, heated seats, keyless entry and start and 20" wheels. It is interesting how the different equipment levels vary from country to country. We don't even have the commercial version here.

    Previously I have had a Terracan and two Grand Cherokees. I have wanted a Disco since the 3 was announced in 2004. I drove a 3 for two weeks in Namibia in 2011 and totally fell in love.

    It will be used around town and also as an Outback tourer so I will be busy kitting it out over the next few months. Auxiliary battery and tyre compressor are ready to go.

    I hope to learn a lot here and hopefully contribute.

    Numb Thumbs Wink
  • Gruber
    Member Since: 16 Nov 2019
    Location: Warsaw
    Posts: 6

    Hi discofans.
    D5 is my 4th disco. I had D2, D3 and the last one was D4. Im not sure that D5 is the best choice. Its so much diffrent than D4... Ive got Si6 version and I think the engine and ZF gearbox are the best parts of the new disco.
    So... Best regards from Poland.
  • DarkyUK
    Member Since: 25 Jul 2020
    Location: Derbyshire
    Posts: 50
    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Indus Silver

    Sorry, wrong post!

    Sorry, Wrong post
  • ragerover
    Member Since: 03 Sep 2020
    Location: Newcastle
    Posts: 1

    Hi new to Disco 5
    Been a member on defender disco 3 +4 , full fat and sport for some years

    Still have all of the above. I hate selling anything as I’m not a people person and hate tyre kickers 😁

    Disco 5 ordered for 70 reg
    White commercial. Which I collect next week

    Have the rear seat conversion ready to be fitted

    Hopefully it will be as good as the rest have been
  • AbbyWater
    Member Since: 07 Sep 2020
    Location: London
    Posts: 1
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) SE Firenze Red


    Greetings to all. I'm new here. I am the owner of one of the Land Rover models. Therefore, I hope to find here a lot of useful things for myself.
  • Coops
    Member Since: 15 Sep 2020
    Location: Hertfordshire
    Posts: 1
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Corris Grey

    Activity key wrist band not working

    Hi all,
    This is my first post so please bear with me.
    I purchased a second hand genuine activity key/band to use with my 2017 Discovery HSE Luxury.
    After following the instructions I can’t get the car to lock using the activity key.

    Any suggestions on what to do and does the activity key use batteries that could need changing.
  • mordred1973
    Member Since: 08 Jan 2019
    Location: Northamptonshire
    Posts: 753
    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Fuji White

    does the car have the activity key module? it is not a standard feature and needs to be fitted in the tailgate and then programmed by someone who has access to the JLR software for it to work. Just buying an Activity Key won't do anything. I looked at it but the cost worked out overt £500 fitted so I didn't bother.

    2017 HSE Td6 with Capability plus pack, wade sensing, parking heater, armest fridge, head up display and surround cameras, 4 zone climate, black pack, privacy glass, adaptive headlamps, intelligent seat fold, deployable tow bar, side steps.
  • Duckers
    Member Since: 22 Sep 2020
    Location: Bolton
    Posts: 13
    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Indus Silver

    New member

    Hi all
    Moving here from the D4 site, picking up my new to me shiny toy on Wed next week Very Happy
  • IndusD4
    Member Since: 28 Jan 2018
    Location: Sydney
    Posts: 698

    Welcome, nice colour too - had that on my D4.


    2016 D4 TDV6
    IIDTool BT
  • 2B
    Member Since: 22 Oct 2020
    Location: hillybit
    Posts: 195

    New member


    I am looking to buy a D5. Currently driving an F-Pace but feels a bit cramped inside it.

    I read some stories about engines blowing up. The V6 as well a 4-line.

    Is any of the engines a safer bet ? Is the td4 or sd4 better ?

    Looking at a SD4. Dealer insisted to take the 3yr warranty,
    started to make me think he smelled trouble with the car. Shocked

    Is there a poll on the engine failure ?

    Is it every engine eventually ore on every thousand???
  • TraceyD1973
    Member Since: 10 May 2021
    Location: Aberdeen
    Posts: 1
    United Kingdom 

    No acceleration

    Thanks for letting me join the page.

    I have a Disco L462 (2017) 2.0l auto. It’s started to have an acceleration lag but more concerning sometimes no acceleration just pedal to floor. This has only been from starting engine and selecting either drive or reverse. I switch the engine off and it resets itself.
    Please can someone advise. Thanks
  • ar077
    Member Since: 14 May 2021
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Posts: 1
    United States 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Kaikoura Stone

    Greetings to fellow Land Rover owners in Old Blimey (and elsewhere)! I have several friends in the UK, having flown the F-111F during two tours at RAF Lakenheath.

    I've always been hard over for diesel in off road vehicles, and when the D5 was introduced I was delighted that it was available with the same Td6 that was an option in the Range Rover. I placed an order on Boxing Day 2016 and took delivery in June 2017. Upgrades that I did afterwards included pitching the 255/55-60 Goodyear Eagles and stock 20" x 8.5" wheels in favor of 285/50-20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2s mounted on 20" x 9.5" Redbourne wheels (including the spare), and adding Lucky8 Rock Sliders to protect the rocker panels.
  • Equilibrium
    Member Since: 26 Feb 2019
    Location: Bristol
    Posts: 702
    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Carpathian Grey

    Welcome, what a plane you flew!

    I spent many a happy hour at Upper Heyford as a child, watching the F-111E squadrons and the EF-111As.

    Think I might have chatted to you briefly on the US D5 forum.

    Drives: 2020 MY20 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Eiger Grey/Glacier
    Departed: 2019 MY20 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Carpathian Grey/Glacier, 440i, 320d, Toyotas, Mondeo, Citroen BX amongst others
  • yevhen
    Member Since: 28 May 2021
    Location: Kyiv
    Posts: 2
    2017 Discovery Si6 HSE Fuji White

    Hi everyone

    It's my pleasure to join the squad. My name is Yevhen and I am from Kyiv, Ukraine.
    I own Discovery 5 2017. It's a nice car but sometimes I think it could be better Laughing
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