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  • drwhopilot
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    2 week report - HSE D300

    Tow kit
    Roof Bars
    Tinted glass
    Eiger Grey
    Luggage net
    LR Rubber boot mat
    LR Front/rear dash cam

    After 2 weeks and 600 miles

    Comparing with Mercedes E220 SE Estate (which the Disco replaced) and previous Discovery 4 and a couple of TD 5's

    Plus points

    The engine is utterly fantastic. Uncannily quiet, very smooth. Huge acceleration even while being careful running in - lot of power at low revs; overtaking is brisk even without trying

    39.8 mpg on a run from Brighton to inner London - mostly motorway middle/outside lane
    A lot less of course for short trips on a cold engine

    Entertainment system is impressive - so much better and more responsive than Mercedes. Apple Auto is excellent . Built in Spotify seemed to have a fairly poor interface but Spotify on the phone with Apple Auto is the way to go. Great to have a choice of AppleAuto navigation (apple maps, Waze, google maps) via Apply Play. Whatsapp integration and siri voice control work well.

    General feel and comfort is first class. Space for passengers and luggage is of course excellent

    Brakes are good and handling is surprisingly good - quite nimble and relatively flat around sharp bends

    Not so good:

    The ride is harsh. Too harsh. The price we pay for the sharp handling I suppose. The 22" wheels probably don't help, but I suspect even the 21" aren't much better
    The low profile tyres expose the rim to kerb damage much more than say 20"
    I'm not convinced I like the "piano black" plastic around the bumpers
    I really can't get the gesture boot release to work reliably
    Air con left/right don't seem properly independent ( and yes, I did have sync turned off!)
    Park assist is unexpectedly absent. Apparently due to EU legislation (although didn't I read somwhere we had left the EU?)
    I find the gear selector is fiddly to use

    The implementation of the luggage net is pretty pathetic (more like something off ebay than a genuine LR accessory)
    Could do with more luggage tie-downs in the boot
    The LR boot mat is very thick and completely over-engineered for domestic use. This makes it very bulky when stored when using the 7 seats - I would suggest going for a lighter duty 3rd party thin rubber mat which can roll up smaller. I have one on order and will report back.
    The dash cam does what it says on the tin. Very neat installation. Oh and the "radar" movement detection when parked does work on this vehicle (confusingly it doesn't work on "certain LR vehicles" but they don't say which.)


    I feel bad at having more niggles than plus points because I really like the car. If I could replay my decision I might think long and hard about going for 21 or 20" wheels.but that's about it.

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  • Equilibrium
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    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Carpathian Grey

    Interesting write-up, thank you.

    I’ve had two pre-facelift SDV6s on 21s with adaptive suspension. Have also driven four loaners on 22s, for a combined 3k miles or so. I felt that they were noticeably worse, both in ride and in things like tramlining.

    I’ve also driven a D5 on 19s and that rode way better than mine on the 21s, as did a Defender on 20s.

    These fashion accessory wheels are, to be honest, way too big. Ridiculous amounts of unsprung weight to attempt to control. Surely a suspension engineer’s nightmare.

    Drives: 2020 MY20 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Eiger Grey/Glacier
    Departed: 2019 MY20 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Carpathian Grey/Glacier, 440i, 320d, Toyotas, Mondeo, Citroen BX amongst others
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    On 22' alloys the ride must be incredibly bumpy and fidgety on badly paved roads, especially at low speeds. Mine rides on 20' alloys and although I can't describe it as harsh, the ride comfort is still not at the level I expected for this type of car to be honest - an Audi Q7 is much better on this regard even with same sized wheels. I'm considering "upgrading" to the "old" 19' alloys with 255/60 tyres - if they even fit, no 2021 face-lifted Disco 5 has them from factory.
  • FastLaneJB
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    Interesting remarks on the ride comfort. I only had a test drive for an hour and that one was on 21 inch wheels but felt it was quite comfortable. I’ve ordered 20’s though in case I want to put on off road tyres but also to maximise comfort. Maybe I just didn’t have long enough in it or try the right kind of roads to judge it properly. It’s not at my 7 series limo levels but didn’t feel a million miles off.

    Think yours is the first post to comment on fuel economy as well on the new MHEV engines that I’ve seen, that’s a really good efficiency you pulled off there on a long run. I was expecting it to be lower. Of course not worried on the cost but would be quite happy to not have to visit a fuel station as often.
  • drwhopilot
    Member Since: 16 Apr 2021
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    United Kingdom 

    4 week report

    After around 4 weeks and 700 miles:

    I stand by everything in my 2 week report and have the following further comments:

    Still very impressed with the engine which is smooth, quiet and powerful. Hardy seems like a diesel at all.

    Main new observation is on the headlights, following a late evening trip

    On the HSE they are the automatic matrix type

    Set to fully automatic so the lights are adjusted to the best setting for the speed and type of road. They even selectively dip main beam automatically!

    Wow! really spooky to see the beam pattern change - so just after passing an oncoming car the brilliance and spread go to max. Very impressive and no problems so far.

    Having done more motorway driving I am very impressed at the ride, stability and lack of noise. The speed limiter is essential - it would be very easy to drift up to way over the limit without noticing!

    A better motorway cruise than the previous car (Merc E220 - which is pretty good itself)

    I now have the unbranded rubber boot mat I referred to in the previous report. Much thinner and rolls up tightly to stow when the 7 seats are in use. Although thinner it is ideal for protection from normal wear and tear (eg dog). But the stink of rubber is so bad I have left it in the garden for the last week to air!
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