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  • Spuffington
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    New LR owner (MY21 D300 R-Dynamic HSE)

    Hi all - first post here!

    Yesterday I collected my (new to me) MY21 D300 R-Dynamic HSE from JLR Rockar in Canary Wharf. It's a Santorini Black mid-21 plate, 1 owner, 29k miles. My first foray into JLR after more years than I care to remember in BMWs and more recently a MacanS & Cayenne GTS. The seed was sown after a fortnight in a Velar D300 HSE whilst my Cayenne was having work done; after that I was pretty keen on the brand.

    The reason for the Disco5 was due to the impending arrival of our 3rd child, with an 11yr old daughter and 3yr old son already, we needed something to fit the family in comfort, in spite of the enormous car seats the younger two will be in. We looked at the Q7 and XC90 alongside the Disco and although both were marginally more practical with the independent 3 seats in 2nd row, the Disco won our hearts.

    It terrifies me reading of all the potential pitfalls of Disco ownerhip, but I pushed the budget as far as I could to get into a facelift model in the hope that that would mitigate a lot of the risks. I'm very glad I did though, the new PiviPro and MHEV drivetrain is a revelation over the pre-facelift cars I drove.

    Picked it up yesterday - had a 50mile trip home on a nice varied route (urban leaving E London, motorway up to Cambridge and then some country roads). Very pleased with the fuel economy c. 33mpg. And very comfortable.

    Shame the preparation from Rockar wasn't all it could've been. Tyres were below recommended pressures (by 6psi each), overzealous valeting of the carpet mats meant they were pretty wet still at handover and the centre console trim around the volume knob in front of the gearlever is scratched to billyo. I'd have expected that to have been Smart repaired or replaced prior to retailing the car.

    Anyway, all those issues aside, which I've been assured by Rockar will be resolved to my satisfaction, I'm delighted with the car. Absolutely loves the composure and refinement of the ride (in spite of the 22" rims). The interior is comfortable and sumptuous, the engine is responsive and far swifter than it has any right to be(!) and it's far more frugal than I could've hoped for also.

    Normal kiddy/family duties now for the next 6-8wks, then a long roadtrip to Ireland to visit the In-Laws for New Year. Can't wait! Smile

    2021 Discovery D300 R-Dynamic HSE
  • sudds
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I am sure you will enjoy the D5, especially the D300 engine, it is sublime and quite frugal and as you say it shouldn't accelerate like it does Very Happy
  • 747_JK
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    2022 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Santorini Black

    I'll echo that - welcome - sounds like a super car, in the only colour cars should be manufactured in too. I never understand why anyone would want anything but a black car! Laughing

    Keep us posted with how you get on, and some pics would be good too. I've had nearly 5 years of very reliable D5 motoring, so fingers crossed you're the same, and that this enjoyable patch continues for me too!

    MY23.5 D5 3.0 MHEV Metropolitan Edition – Santorini Black – Ebony Windsor Leather – 21” Style 5025 gloss black wheels – 21” full size spare tyre – Black roof rails – Black side mouldings - Williams Ceramic Coat. [Gone: D5 HSE @ 50,795miles: (now LH68 BYW)]
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