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  • IndusD4
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    D5Comm wrote:
    So it’s illegal even on hands free?Different laws over there?

    You can use your phone here but only with a handsfree kit, or have it in a cradle. Even with the phone in my pocket it works fine via bluetooth, for both calls and SMS.

    2016 D4 TDV6
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    2017 Discovery Td6 SE Corris Grey

    Big Al wrote:
    It’s incredibly simple to do, especially if you buy strip Aluminium at 50mm wide x 1.5mm thickness. I believe you buy it in 300mm strips.

    See the photo of the bracket where you can see the bends.
    The lengths between bends are as follows:


    ( If making a 2nd version I would add a further 10mm and bend it back to double up the thickness for the insertion into the top trim

    An old thread I know, but have to say thank you to BigAl for posting this idea and also with dimensions which made it so easy!

    I had the sheet aluminium cut to size and sent to my house for just over seven quid and it took longer to mark out the measurements than it did to bend it in a vice by hand, maybe a little tapping with a hammer to get nice clean bends!

    The Brodit bracket fitted nicely with the 4 screws, and the whole thing clicked in onto the dash in between the screen and steering wheel, for final mounting once I had run the charging cable I used some double-sided 3m tape for extra strength, It's definitely secure on there now

    I am really chuffed as it allows me to have the sat nav on the main display and Spotify on my phone just out of eyeshot but there if I need it.

    If you are thinking of doing this, its far easier than I thought!

    Link for the guy for sheet aluminium cut to size (UK only) :
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