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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Silicon Silver

    Simon S wrote:
    Thanks all!! Got it done..... is there a way to reset the wear sensor once replaced?

    I know this was a while ago and you probably figured this out - the wear sensor, once replaced, should reset itself as it works by breaking a connection to open the circuit as the pad wears down. Car should sense the new sensor with closed circuit and reset automatically after a short time.
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    Did this today too. Straightforward.

    For others doing this, I had trouble getting the emergency brake service mode to engage at first. I was pushing the accelerator all the way down (to the floor, engaging the kickdown switch) but it seems that’s too much. When I eventually tried the process depressing the accelerator all the way but not engaging the kickdown switch it worked. Something to try if you’re having trouble too. To disable maintenance mode I found that I didn’t have to follow the full process, it seemed to disengage as soon as I pulled the emergency brake switch up for a couple of seconds. The change took a little longer than it should have as I also rotated my tires. I wasn’t sure about jacking up diagonally opposed sides at the same time to played it safe and used the spare to facilitate the process.

    To save people having to look it up (I only have the workshop manual in Italian which makes it a real pain to find things) the rear caliper pins should be torqued to 35NM. The wheel bolts to 140NM.

    The rear caliper mounting pins use a 13mm socket - also have a slimish 17mm spanner handy to prevent the rubber pin covers from rotating and potentially tearing.

    I wonder what peoples opinions are on using copper grease on these brakes? Traditionally I’d always been taught to use some copper grease on the caliper where the pads mount/slide and on the back of the pads to prevent squealing. With these newer cars there are metal carriers for the pads that are changed with the pads and soft backings on the pads. I wonder whether it’s now completely unnecessary to grease any part of the system when changing the pads? I couldn’t see any sign of old grease on the old pads.
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