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  • bill wright
    Member Since: 30 Jun 2016
    Location: Crediton
    Posts: 145
    United Kingdom 

    What is the difference between ordinary rear lights and signature version. From the spec, the SE has front signature lights (or have I got that wrong?) Very Happy

    MY15 D4 SE Tech Kaikoura Stone

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  • CDS
    Member Since: 30 Jun 2016
    Location: Oldham
    Posts: 2
    United Kingdom 

    We got to climb all over one at Les Comes LR Party last weekend.....

  • J77
    Member Since: 07 Jun 2016
    Location: Fife
    Posts: 1008

    SE has signature front lights but standard rear lights, which no one has seen.

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  • MrH
    Member Since: 30 Jun 2016
    Location: Blakeney
    Posts: 15
    United Kingdom 

    Thanks for the video CDS, it's confirmed my thoughts, I still think it's butt ugly and even if I had the money I wouldn't buy one. Please god, let them not f**kup the Defender replacement design to this extend Bow down Bow down Bow down

    IID (BT)
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  • Freypal
    Member Since: 22 Oct 2016
    Location: Solihull
    Posts: 1
    United Kingdom 

    Agree - I saw one of the undisguised orange ones out on the road by me (I live in Solihull). Both in pics, vids and in person I think it looks awful. I shall greatly miss the D4. I'm hoping they don't mess up the Defender replacement but I don't hold out much hope for that.
  • Edfors
    Member Since: 12 Sep 2016
    Location: Uppsala
    Posts: 30

    Re: I've seen it, touched it and sat in it

    AndrewS wrote:
    The seats do fold flat but this is a two stage operation on the vehicles I played with, first press of button drops the sat back onto the seat base, a second press forces the seat back down to the flat position. When I asked why? I was told that position 1 is ok for the leather, however position 2 is not so good as it may damage the seats Shocked

    Not a huge difference with the second press, but I guess sometimes with a very bulky load that last inch may do a difference.

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