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  • Girlofwight
    Member Since: 03 Mar 2019
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    United Kingdom 

    Purchase questions - tyre profile and other issues

    Good afternoon - question about buying used and tyres/wheels, but some into first.

    I’ve been through a good part of the Land Rover Range

    - 2000 Discovery
    - 2003 Range Rover
    - 2006 Volvo for a while
    - 2011 I bought a 2006 Freelander 1 as a weekend run around, planning to change Volvo for a Mercedes Coupe, but I loved the Freelander 1 - which I still have and would shower unreasonable amounts of money on to keep on the road - so not long after a new Freelander 2 HSE arrived which is probably the beet car I have ever owned. My partner has it now.
    - 2016 Discovery Sport HSE manual

    I haven’t really got on with the Disco Sport. Too low, too small, more car than SUV. And my main bug bear is wheels and tyres. You know, my eyes glaze over on talking about styles and sizes of wheels, but I’ve never known a car like the Disco Sport for shredding nearside tyres. I’ve even glanced the same bit of kerb in a Freelander 1 v Disco Sport. Freelander bounced off. Disco needed new tyre. Same in France, three point turn, mounted a kerb, pop, side wall damage.

    I’ve looked at the new Discovery on and off for a while, but headline price buying new put me off. I’m semi retired, work from home, and don’t do a huge mileage - current car has done 10k in 3 1/2 years.

    However I’ve decided to change and buy approved used up to one year old, and I want to move quickly. The catalyst is I suffered a knee injury two years ago, and my left knee has now failed completely so 1 April it’s being replaced (auspicious date?). It makes a lot of sense to have an auto car and one that’s a bit higher.

    I’m looking at HSE spec.

    My questions I suppose are:

    - How does the standard wheel and tyre spec on Discovery compare to Sport? Do people experience problems with the profile and damage?
    - Any buying concerns on SD4 engine and build 2018?

    I don’t tow with car, or carry many passengers. It’s normally just me or me plus partner, and this car is the main weekday car, one for holidays, etc.

    Thanks in anticipation
  • JonM
    Member Since: 30 Jun 2016
    Location: North Yorkshire
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Farallon Black

    The D5 is available with 19,20,21 or 22" wheels. The tyre profile depends on which wheels are fitted.

    20" is standard on the HSE which have 140mm of sidewall which is plenty for on-road use and enough for off-road use. However, upgrading to bigger wheel sizes is common particularly for pre-registered cars so the one you buy might have bigger wheels and thinner tyres.

    MY2019 D5 HSE 3.0 SDV6 | Farallon Pearl Black | Black Pack | Privacy Glass | Capability Plus Pack | Adaptive Dynamics | Versatile Climate Pack | FBH with Timed Climate
  • Notxal
    Member Since: 10 Nov 2018
    Location: Shropshire
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Loire Blue

    Hi Jon

    I bought an 11 month old low mileage (3K) MY18 SD4 HSE last year, a dealer's demonstrator. I came from a late 2016 D4 HSE.
    I had the obvious concern of dropping down to a 2L from the D4 3.0L but to be honest its just as capable both on and off road. It's really quick when you want to press on and I've also have managed to get over 48mpg when 'driving like Miss Daisy'.

    So far its been faultless and I've had no issues at all, mechanical or electrical. As for additional accessories or options, I've added some side steps, mainly for my diminutive better half and also to try to protect the doors. I've also just ordered some mud flaps. I don't tow anything other than a very small utility trailer to the tip once in a while so again the 2L engine is fine. The car came with a service package but again the service intervals seem to be quite far apart on the 2L.

    I noticed today that there is a Land Rover 'Campaign' on the car in regard the DEF warnings (which has not effected my car).

    On the down side is the VED cost which is ridiculous for a 2L (now mostly based on the value of the car to buy new).

    Otherwise a fantastic vehicle!
  • BlackDog
    Member Since: 10 Feb 2017
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Corris Grey

    They are great cars and miles and miles removed from the DS. I've driven the DS a few times when mine has been serviced and it's my least favourite car in the range I've said it in another thread so forgive me for repeating myself but I honestly believe that the Disco 5 is the best value car that Land Rover makes.

    I think that the HSE trim is great and has a really impressive spec but I wouldn't rule out the HSE Lux as second hand the difference in price is negligible if you shop around and it does add a few nice extras. Thumbs Up

    Hse Lux SDV6
  • Browser
    Member Since: 30 Jan 2019
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    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Si4 HSE Fuji White

    Ive got the 20" with Pirelli Scorpions, perfect wheel and Tyre and lots of sidewall rubber for nasty kerb stones !

    2018 HSE Petrol
  • DieselRanger
    Member Since: 12 Oct 2017
    Location: God's Country, Colorado
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    United States 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Silicon Silver

    With the 20" wheel size, you can upgrade to 275/55-20 over the original 255/55-20 and gain extra sidewall height (and thus resilience) without affecting articulation or turning. It may slightly affect fuel economy depending on the tire selected, however.
  • al cope
    Member Since: 02 Jan 2019
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    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Corris Grey

    My 2Ltr HSE came with 22"'s (285/40x22 tyres) and its quieter than the D4 on 20's or 21's. OK, you need to keep a close eye on kerbs (even more so with gloss black alloys Shocked )


    whey hey - D5 HSE 2Ltr in Corris with black roof, black & dynamic packs & 22" black alloys, a bit of a change after 2 D3's and 2 D4's Smile
  • Girlofwight
    Member Since: 03 Mar 2019
    Location: Isle of Wight
    Posts: 2
    United Kingdom 

    Many thanks for those replies. Collected a one year old 3.0 HSE today.

    Really pleased, if a little peed off when I got home

    Hopefully get that sorted next week. eBay wasn’t helpful.
  • Russell
    Member Since: 26 Jun 2016
    Location: Lydd
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 First Edition Namib Orange

    That is a known warranty issue and should be quickly fixed by dealer

    Namib Orange 1st Edition with black roof and wheels.
    Privacy, tow bar, drive pack, surround camera, heated front & rear seats, auto dim door mirrors, side steps, remote Pro, RSE, arm rest fridge dash cam front and rear.
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