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  • Cradgebank
    Member Since: 11 May 2019
    Location: Nottingham
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    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) S Corris Grey

    D5 Winch Instalation

    Fitted a Wild Bear winch tray to my D5.

    The winch tray is nicely made, however rather disappointingly the kit comes without any fitting instructions, so I have tried to document the install to help anyone who would like to fit a similar kit.

    Firstly, jack up the car and remove the front wheels.

    Remove the Front mini mud flap and front wheel arch liner (Both sides)

    Unclip the front half of the wheel arch moulding.

    Then remove 3 x 6mm Bolts that secure the front bumper to the front wing (Both sides)

    Remove the recovery hitch plastic panel.

    Remove 4 Screws that hold the top of the bumper, once removed the bumper should be free and can be removed by pulling forward. Depending on model the Fog light and screen washers etc will need unplugging.

    Next remove the Bumper Armature.

    The Wildbear kit comprises simply of 3 parts, right and left mounting brackets that pick up the original Armature mounting points and a winch tray that connects the brackets together. The winch then mounts to the tray and reversesal of the bumper removal can be carried out.

    An issue I found with the Wildbear Mounts was that they do not have angle brackets fittted at the top and bottom to pick up the bottom tow hitch / protection bar mountings and the top landing panel mounts. To overcome this I had to cut the brackets off the bumper armature which was quite drastic.

    There are two spacers that mount on the front of the winch tray that the fairlead bolts to once the bumper is refitted.

    I could have just cut a slit for the rope to feed through the fairlead and it would have looked neater but I opted to cut the top out of the bumper so I can see the winch rope to ensure it spools correctly.

    My winch is a David Bowyer TDS and did have the solenoid pack fitted to the top of the motor, this had to be removed and relocated as there isnt enough clearance between the winch and the landing panel.

    All considered I am pleased with the install.

    Just as an aside, I spoke with my Insurer's (Hastings) before installing the winch and they would not accept the modification, underwritters said if I needed a winch then I intended doing extreme off roading which they don't want to cover !!, needless to say a 5 minute call to Lancaster Insurance and they where very happy to accept a winch fitted vehicle.

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  • Russell
    Member Since: 26 Jun 2016
    Location: Lydd
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 First Edition Namib Orange

    That looks like a big chunk of bumper cut out?
    Was that a home made mount or one by someone

    Namib Orange 1st Edition with black roof and wheels.
    Privacy, tow bar, drive pack, surround camera, heated front & rear seats, auto dim door mirrors, side steps, remote Pro, RSE, arm rest fridge dash cam front and rear.
  • Cradgebank
    Member Since: 11 May 2019
    Location: Nottingham
    Posts: 27
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) S Corris Grey

    That looks like a big chunk of bumper cut out?
    Was that a home made mount or one by someone

    You replied before I had finished my post !!.

    I purposely cut out the Top of the bumper so I can see the winch rope spooling evenly.

    Kit is supplied by Wild Bear.
  • Labbix
    Member Since: 05 Mar 2018
    Location: Albania
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    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Silicon Silver

    Looks neat to me and very well done! Enjoy the off roading, extreme or not Wink
  • Road Runner 2017
    Member Since: 14 Jan 2017
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    2018 Discovery Si6 HSE Lux Santorini Black

    I gather its mot friendly then?
    Just out of curiosity how much was it?

    MY17 First Edition - 3L Diesel Td6 - Farallon Black - Roof rails,side steps,tints,tow bar,mudflaps,door strips.
    MY18 Hse Luxury - 3L Petrol Si6 Supercharged - Santorini Black - Roof rails,side steps,tints,tow bar,mudflaps,door strips,22's,tv,dynamic pack 1,bonnet vents,dual view,frontcooler,360°camera,rear cooler/warmer,roof vane,black LR badges,wade sensing,door sill plates,solar screen,wind deflectors,service plan,tracker,speed camera detector,dual dash cameras,ceramic coating.
  • LancsLad
    Member Since: 22 Aug 2018
    Location: Lancs
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    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Santorini Black

    Nice one. Great to see some decent mods at last!

    Thanks for the in-depth post!

    cant help wondering how many of these we'll be seeing in 20 years time jacked up to the nines with huge tyres etc like the old D1 and 2s round here.. Rolling with laughter Rolling with laughter

    Santorini Black MY 18 HSE Dynamic BLACK TDV6
  • nebc100
    Member Since: 08 Mar 2019
    Location: Altlinster
    Posts: 146
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Namib Orange

    Nicely done!! I want to do the same on my D5, but have you any ideas how I would be able to do it with the Front camera?
  • D5Dodge
    Member Since: 20 Sep 2020
    Location: Notts/Derby
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery Sd4 (240) SE Farallon Black

    Hi neighbour Wink
    Where abouts in Notts are you.? I’m near the M1 & A52 @ junction 25. I’d love to see this for real sometime.. Bow down
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