Discovery 2017

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  • Red5
    Member Since: 19 Jan 2018
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Sd4 (180) S Firenze Red

    Good bye and good luck

    After over 25 years of Disco ownership ( Series 1 to Series 5 )Land Rover have finally beaten me. Big Cry
    The Disco is going to be replaced with a new Volvo V90 Cross Country. Thumbs Up
    The Discos have been great but far from always reliable and it must be down to my age or just getting p****d off with dealer excuses that time has come to change.
    The Volvo salesman is ex Land rover and admits they are great cars but Land Rover haven't got much clue about software. He says that if Land Rover find a fault they just keep building and leave it for the customer to pick it up.
    I can vouch for that with the balancer shaft problems. They knew the fault but kept putting them into the engines !!!
    Anyway enjoy your Discos. Rolling with laughter
  • LancsLad
    Member Since: 22 Aug 2018
    Location: Lancs
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    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Santorini Black

    Good luck...i suppose its all down to what you require the car for.
    For a true 7 seater that can handle serious off-road and like yesterday severe floods Disco unbeatable.
    Sadly the Volvo Cross country's and BMW X's that are often spotted abandoned steamed up in or after floods tell the tale.

    Santorini Black MY 18 HSE Dynamic BLACK TDV6
  • Equilibrium
    Member Since: 26 Feb 2019
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Carpathian Grey

    Good luck, you’ve earnt a change after so many years! I’d had BMWs for nine years and found it very refreshing to change brand.

    Volvo have a nice line in interiors. The XC90 was actually the expected purchase when I started out to buy a SUV. LR were not even a consideration.

    Drives MY2020 HSE Luxury SDV6 in Carpathian Grey/Glacier
  • DieselRanger
    Member Since: 12 Oct 2017
    Location: God's Country, Colorado
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    United States 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Silicon Silver

    We had a Volvo XC70 T6 for 9 years, was beautiful to drive but their reliability was worse than the Volkswagens, Subarus, and my Discovery that we owned. Ours "ate" batteries every 18 months - in one case almost setting the car on fire in the garage - dealers never could find a problem. In the end, it had a starting issue that a replaced battery, alternator, PCV, plugs, fuel filter could not resolve. But those seats...and the ride...and the performance in snow...made it all worth it.

    Those were the Ford years so hopefully Geely has done them well from a reliability standpoint. *Almost* bought a 2019 S60 T6, but the dealer wouldn't deal. It's still sitting on the lot.

    Still can't wrap my head around their 4cyl-only strategy. I know it's related to emissions and road taxes in most of the world, but Subaru learned the hard way about high-strung 4Cyls, at least in the US. Big SUVs need an engine with some performance margin to be durable, IMO....

    Good luck - engine aside I do like the XC90. Those seats....
  • Wolfpack
    Member Since: 25 May 2019
    Location: England
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Si6 HSE Corris Grey

    I suppose there is always a counter to every story.
    I drove multiple Volvos for over 19years and the only ‘breakdown’ I ever had was a rear suspension. My first XC70 never had anything go wrong in 3 years. The second was the one that had the suspension failure...paid for by Volvo despite being out of warranty. Sadly it ended its days in an Italian scrapyard after saving us from a high speed head on crash. The insurers sent me a D4 to tow the caravan home and the wife was so taken by the high ride...I had to buy one on our return, rather than another Volvo. In truth I didn’t like the alternative XC90...kept banging my head getting in and out of the car. (Got too use to the D4)

    I renamed my D4 a ‘D400’...because every time it went into the garage it cost £400, the occasions were many. I am hoping the D5 will be better and certainly not a D500! Otherwise I may be ducking my head into an XC90 myself.
  • Quasar
    Member Since: 23 Aug 2019
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    United Kingdom 
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Fuji White

    I made the move from Volvo to LR last autumn.

    After an 850, three V70s and three XC90s over 20 years, they only let me down twice. The first time with a faulty earth on a V70 and the second when water drowned the electrics going through flooding on another V70.

    The Discovery 5 has managed to spend more time in the dealership than all the volvos put together (including servicing) since I purchased it in late Sept 19. Two weeks and then one further week because of a leaking windscreen. Then it spent a week and a bit at LR pleasure to sort out its ability to talk to the world (ended up with a new TCU).

    Despite this, I am enjoying the D5. The current Volvo insistence on 2litre engines (XC90) caused me to move to LR and the SDv6 is a joy to drive.
  • mordred1973
    Member Since: 08 Jan 2019
    Location: Northamptonshire
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Fuji White

    I made the move for the very same reason, XC60 D5 2.4, had it 5.5 years and 100,000 miles. It went to the dealership 6 times. 5 services and a gearbox that Volvo paid most of despite being 18 months out of warranty at 72,000 miles (and actually my fault for not having the fluid changed at 36,000 miles which I later discovered I was supposed to if used for towing).

    In 18 months the Disco has been to the dealership 6 times (one of those was 15 days).

    I was lined up to replace the XC60 with a XC90, but thought the 4 cylinder so out of place in an expensive large SUV. I know next time around pretty much everything will have dropped to a 2.0 4 cylinder no matter what you buy...

    2017 HSE Td6 with Capability plus pack, wade sensing, parking heater, armest fridge, head up display and surround cameras, 4 zone climate, black pack, privacy glass, adaptive headlamps, intelligent seat fold, deployable tow bar, side steps.
  • Red5
    Member Since: 19 Jan 2018
    Location: Country Lanes
    Posts: 13
    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Sd4 (180) S Firenze Red

    Good Bye and Good Luck

    The XC90 is a lovely vehicle although not tried it out.
    Had to get a lower seated vehicle due to a disability that made it difficult to access and exit.
    Had a couple of XC70's in the past and the V90CC is a halfway house on ride height.
    But have to admit the Disco reliability was beginning to grate on the nerves so it was the final push to make the change.
    All the best to you all Thumbs Up
  • UrbanSplash
    Member Since: 13 Sep 2018
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Silicon Silver

    I got rid of my Disco 5 recently. Some garage visits and very steep depreciation. Although it was nice, on reflection I do think the 5 was a misstep by LR.

    LR have been very slow to see what’s blatantly obvious to others. ICE move to

    I’ve a Model 3 now
  • simonej
    Member Since: 01 May 2017
    Location: Wakefield
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    Cactus I am partial to a Volvo and I do think their interiors look fantastic these days. That being said, I’m one of the few that found the legendarily comfortable seats in the S60 to give me the absolute worst back ache I’ve ever experienced. Super comfortable but thirty minutes and the position left me in agony.

    I was in a V90 the other day, tan leather - looked superb! But then he started the engine. Censored me was it rattly! Why oh why did they ditch their five cylinder beauties and go all rattly four cylinder diesel. The petrols are rough little things as well. And then there’s the user interface that seemed to be all done through the touchscreen. Sod that!

    Good luck with it though. Land Rover’a certainly aren’t perfect but I’m of the opinion that none of the manufacturers are - they’ve all got their pros and cons.
  • eelpout
    Member Since: 01 Jun 2017
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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Carpathian Grey

    my sister's '18 XC90, while quite comfortable to run around in, has not been as reliable as she had hoped. mostly niggling electrical issues (lamps going out, GPS glitching, etc.). But she's more hard on vehicles than most. Wink

    Good luck!
  • davidls
    Member Since: 16 Apr 2018
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    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery Sd4 (240) HSE Carpathian Grey

    I have a company car that is the MY20 XC60 Inscription Pro T8 Twin Engine. Covers about 180 miles a day on the usual daily commute and as it’s mostly dual carriageway achieves approx 40.0 mpg. It’s got a 2.0 turbo and supercharged engine and already covered 12,000 miles in 4 months and has generally been faultless. The touch screen Senus system is very easy to use and navigate with. I also have a MY18 HSE Discovery SD4 which is nearly 2 years old, only 12,000 miles there too. I love the Discovery, but the Volvo in comparison makes it feel pre-historic to drive. I came out of an X3 2.0 MSport and the Discovery was a vast improvement, but now it feels odd driving it. Can’t fault either and can’t give either up. We just had a week away in the Discovery, it can’t be beaten for space and practicality, the Volvo XC60 is fine for commuting but isn’t really large enough for a family of four and a dog on a day to day basis.

    2018 D5 HSE, Carpathian Grey, Black Roof Rails, 21” 9 Spoke Diamond Turned Alloy Wheels, Black Pack, Privacy Glass, Heated Steering Wheel, Detachable Towbar, Air Ioniser
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