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  • maxmax
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    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Loire Blue

    Trailer lighting board - car doesn’t recognise

    It’s a first for me, a new LED lighting board. The lights work, the bulb test works, the tow bar nose weight test works... but the car doesn’t know it has a trailer on it or flash the green light on the dash when indicating or allow trailer camera mode...... suspicion it needs some sort of resistor to pretend there are real bulbs there. I know the mode works from the non-LED cycle rack. Thoughts?

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  • Road Runner 2017
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    2018 Discovery Si6 HSE Lux Santorini Black

    Got an led lightboard to replace the normal lights on my old trailer and it works fine everytime. Comes up on the screen trailer attached, and gives the choice of axles.

    The indicators on the dash, also show that its attached.

    I have a habit of keeping the screen on, to keep an eye on it, plus I find it really handy when pulling back in after an overtake.

    Possibly an issue with the light board you have. I have heard of the resistor 'hack' before, so it may well be later led boards have the resistor inbuilt and earlier led boards don't. Mind you my one may not even have a resistor built into it at all. Not touched mine as its all incased in a white plastic watertight board, so I can't say for sure if it has or hasn't.

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  • IndusD4
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    2018 Discovery Td6 SE Silicon Silver

    I think 2017 models still had issues recognising LED trailer lights, it appears to be fixed from 2018 onwards. You'd need the resistor to simulate a globe in the trailer board wiring.


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  • chaos_theory
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    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Carpathian Grey

    I have the same issue with a MY19. Not fixed it yet - will be on the dealer's list after they re-open

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