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  • stevegbxpp
    Member Since: 16 Jan 2018
    Location: Godalming
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    United Kingdom 

    Live taffic update not available

    Have had my MY18 HSE for a year now. Until recently live traffic udates was always shown. However, since about 4 weeks ago I always get the message 'traffic info is not available'. Also I cannot get online with the web browser (not that I normally use this) so it seems to have lost internet access. I assumed that my sim card had run out of data and bought a new one, but this has not cured the problem. I told my dealer about this when the car went for its annual service last week and they said that this is something that will be cured in the new software update when it is available, at which point it will have to go back again to be loaded. Mad
    It seems strange to me that it always did work until recently then suddenly dropped off. Would this be a software issue? if so why has it not been there all along?
    Any one else had this? Any other suggestions what the problem could be?
  • jimbg
    Member Since: 23 Jun 2016
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    United Kingdom 
    2017 Discovery Td6 HSE Silicon Silver

    I have had no trouble with live traffic but the journey details have all been straight lines recently, this morning they seem to be sorted.

    There were problems at one time with the SIm card "holders" and they needed to be swapped out.
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