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  • Ian2206
    Member Since: 09 Jul 2020
    Location: Hertfordshire
    Posts: 27
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Loire Blue

    Hi Nick,

    As I mentioned earlier in the thread, my upload proceeded to c.30% and stopped. This wiped all the map data and left me with a blank nav system. I had a running piece of work being concluded by the Dealer so added this to the list of issues. They told me that they downloaded the latest map on to their USB and inserted the USB and followed the usual instructions and the upload completed satisfactorily.. Their map was one version later than the one I downloaded which was, The latest is 08.030.0123.0154
  • nebc100
    Member Since: 08 Mar 2019
    Location: Altlinster
    Posts: 266
    2018 Discovery Td6 HSE Lux Namib Orange

    Hello Ian,

    Have you tried with a different USB stick.

    I have two identical sticks. They BOTH work PERFECTLY with my computers, but ONE of them doesn't work for the update.

    I then tried a different one, and it works perfectly.

    I considered sending the "defective" stick back for a refund, but it passes all the tests that I have thrown at it via my computer, so I cannot really say that the stick has an issue.

    It seems to be that the D5 is rather fussy about what stick is used.
  • Ian2206
    Member Since: 09 Jul 2020
    Location: Hertfordshire
    Posts: 27
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Loire Blue

    Hi nebc100,

    I haven't tried an alternative USB yet. My plan is to down load the next update and attempt to load it with my original USB. If it fails I'll be on the hunt for a "better" 64 GB USB. As you say, the USB works just fine with other matters.
  • HHCG1100
    Member Since: 02 May 2021
    Location: Hamburg
    Posts: 6
    2019 Discovery SDV6 HSE Carpathian Grey

    I recommend to be careful with map updates. I tried this for my 2019 D5 with 2 different USB sticks, both freshly formatted and loaded with two independent downloads. No problem with the downloads - but I started the upload procedure in the car 5 times, tried both USB sockets and both USB sticks, but no success. Now I have no maps, and the car asks me to pay the dealer a visit. Very nice. 2x 100km of driving. For nothing, I do like my D5, but all electronic systems in this car are a real problem.
    Grrr ... Rolling Eyes
  • Ian2206
    Member Since: 09 Jul 2020
    Location: Hertfordshire
    Posts: 27
    United Kingdom 
    2018 Discovery SDV6 HSE Lux Loire Blue

    Exactly the same problem I had. Good luck.
  • FastLaneJB
    Member Since: 29 May 2021
    Location: Bedfordshire
    Posts: 157
    United Kingdom 

    nebc100 wrote:
    I will probably be shot down for this, but I honestly cannot see what anyone thinks so great about AA or ACP.

    I have tried both, and I find they are both has "half finished" as each other.

    I do wish that the infotainment system on the D5 was faster, but the Nav is good, media player OK, and it does everything I need/want.

    Why do we need to plug in our phones and have the apps from our phone on the screen?

    I've been in two minds around this one myself but lean towards Apple CarPlay for similar reasons as Equilibrium. Choice of Nav systems on the phone, works with multiple music systems, Siri and so on.

    It's not perfect of course, depends on how you specify the car but on my BMW the biggest annoyance was you lose the nav directions in the HUD. That and also if just using bluetooth or regular USB for media you'd get a song list if playing a playlist and could scroll through that to pick a track. With Carplay you'd just get a next and previous song option.

    Of course this is more a limitation of the car software. Or at least it is with Apple, not sure on Android as they support pushing to multiple screens (Which the HUD is). Infact the X7 I test drove would push CarPlay directions (At least from Apple Maps, didn't try anything else) to the HUD also which was cool. It still didn't display as nicely as BMW's native Nav did in the HUD but it's a good start.

    I'm sure the Disco won't do this so will be like my current BMW. Hence advantages of the native Nav will be having directions in the HUD (And instrument cluster if you want I imagine). Also things like knowing how much fuel you have and if you can make the destination is something that would be missing if using Apple CarPlay. Similar if you have a PHEV car they often use your map destination to optimise when to use the battery vs engine for example for maximum efficiency. Feels like to solve these ones, the cars need to feed data back to the phones so they can do these tasks also but have a feeling that'll be easier said than done when you've so many different makes of car.

    I think this is likely why Tesla doesn't support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to be honest. They'll do things like pre-heat the battery when your going to a Supercharger to speed up charging speed. Again only possible when the car knows where your going and that needs an integrated system to do that.

    At the other end of the scale though cheaper cars are being sold without Sat Nav inbuilt but with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto because that saves a nice chunk of cost I imagine.
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